Mouna Abo Assali

Filmmaker & Videographer


Mouna Abo Assali, born in Damascus, Syria in 1988. She obtained her bachelor degree in Visual Communications department from the International Arab University, Syria in 2010. In 2012, in collaboration with two other artists, together she developed a conceptual interactive exhibition under the title “PROPAGANDA” funded by the British Council and held in a hundred-year-old bakery in Damascus, Syria. Later, Mouna joined “Dawlaty” a Syrian NGO based in Beirut, where she developed thematic videos using found amateur footage uploaded on different media outlets highlighting certain topics that depicted the movement taking place in Syria back then. She then moved to Berlin, where she is currently based.

In 2020, Mouna graduated from the Berlin University of Arts in the field “Art and Media” where she had the opportunity to collaborate with other artists and filmmakers and work on different subjects exploring different genres of filming. She produced an experimental short film under the title “MNEMONIC” and wrote the short fiction film “PROCESSING”, in which she tries to tackle several topics such as identity, belonging, otherness, and estrangement. She also directed and edited the film which was produced in early 2020. Finally, Mouna aspires to further establish her career as a filmmaker and conceptual videographer.